Dharamshala, a small place that has fresh air surroundings, majestic snow peaks, mystical pathways, flora and fauna at its best and all this culminate to hallmark this geo locale. The place sits in the laps of religious Himalayas and is rich with pristine nature bounties, lush green valleys, and a mix and mash of Tibet and Indian culture. It is home of holiness, the Dalai Lama and that’s why also called as Spiritual vortex. Anyone seeking peace and joy can reach here and will be touched by the serenity that is delivered here.

Visiting Dharamshala is a never ending delight that starts right from the mountains to the multi cuisine cafes; the snow capped hilly regions and the chanting lamas. A truly exotic location, Dharmashala represents a panoramic view to the breathtaking scenes. The population here is very friendly and welcomes people from different religious back grounds, countries, religions and any sort of groups. In fact, the locals here are kind, meditative and loving. The presence of the many Buddhist monasteries and sacred Hindu temples in the area adds to the beauty and richness to the cultural heritage. The best part about this holy place is that it is safe for lone and women travelers as well.

The Weather

Situated on an altitude of 1457 metres above the sea level, the weather in this particular area is usually pleasant form March to November. The winters are chilly and that’s why most of the Yoga retreats are closed down during these times. While in summers the temperature reached up to 30 to 34 degree Celsius which is ideal to learn the various simple to complex Yoga poses. The best time to visit Dharmashala is in between March to October.

Things to do


Since the area is chilly, that’s why serves as a great destination for the trekkers and hikers. The mountaineers also jump here to enjoy the adventures. It is a great place and excursion to all types of people who seek adventure. Whether you are a beginner or a pro, you will get your space here. Some treks in the regions are very easy and simple and you can garner sweetest memories of your life in the midst of waterfalls and streams.

Yoga & Spiritual Escapes

When it comes to spiritual meditation, Yoga retreats and training, visitors and aspirants are spoilt by the choices this are offers. Yoga retreats in Dharamshala are a common sight and can be checked form here.

Sight Seeing

A compilation of places that are worth a visit, Dharmshala hosts ancient structures like Kangra fort, Norbulingka Tibetan Institute and Museum, St. John’s church, the scenic Bhagsu waterfalls and.

Norbulingka Tibetan Institute & Museum

Bhagsunag temple, the spiritual Tsuglagkhang Complex (home of His Highness, The Dalai Lama) and the Gyatsu monastery.

Moreover, this area has also a beautiful and stately monastery, Norbulingka that has preserved the original Tibetan culture in its original forms till now. The area is surrounded by beautiful ponds running streams, bamboo gardens and more. The place is worth a visit for everyone to experience the values and Tibetan culture, the teaching of Budhha and have a look at the magnificent architecture.
Dharamshala Norbulingka

Kangra Fort

Kangra fort is one of the oldest forts in India which dates back before the 4th century and has been mentioned by Alexander the Great in his war writings. It is surely the biggest fort in the Himalayan range and also the oldest one.

Museum of Kangra Art

This museum houses some of the finest miniature paintings from the Kangra school of art, besides craftwork, fabrics and embroidery, and even weaponry and artillery of the region.

Church of St. John

Church of St. John in the Wilderness holds the name as it is located in the backwoods. The church is a dedication to John, The Baptist. The church is also famous for Belgian styled glass windows and houses the graves of many Generals and Viceroys. It attracts visitors who want to enjoy some quietude, nature and heritage.

Our Teachers
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Nature’s Bounties

Kareri Lake

A natural freshwater lake that is being sourced by the glaciers of Himalayas, Kareri Lake is located at an altitude of 1983 meters and is one of the most popular spot for nature lovers.

Dal Lake

Dharamshala Dal Lake

A visual treat and a vision that is hard to forget, Dal lake is nonetheless a heaven. The lake is enveloped by Deodar trees and the sunset will leave you spell bound. A Hindu religious festival that is dedicated to Lord Shiva is also celebrated here.

Bhagsunag Falls

Bhagsu waterfalls are always enchanting, hustling with waves and bustling with tourists. The sparklings water and mineral rich area has many trails that forwards towards Triund


Tatwani is famous for its hot water springs. These water springs have their own medicinal qualities and are a big tourist attraction for the same. The place is just an hour drive from Dharamshala.


Macchrail is a spot famous for much bigger waterfalls than the Bhagsu falls.

Spiritual Sink-in


Tsuglagkhang Complex- the residence of His Holiness, The Dalai Lama entertains large number of tourists and pilgrims that flock here to seek the blessings of the Dalai Lama. The Namgyal Monastery is also situated in the same complex.

Jwalamukhi Temple

The temple holds religious significance in Hindu mythology and has been mentioned in the famous religious book, Mahabharata. It is about 55 kms. away from Dharamshala and revered greatly for the miraculous blue and orange flames that constantly burn from the rocks. Many tourists from around the world come here to see this miracle of nature.

Gyuto Monastery

Located a few kilometers from Dharamshala, Gyuto Monastery is home to the 17th Karmapa and famous for the beautiful Tibetan architecture.

Adventure Trails


It is by far the most famous trek of Dharamshala and is situated nine kilometer from Mcleodganj. The famous Dhauladhars are also situated in the vicinity of this region and the best time to visit the treks is during summers and winters. Summers here start in April and stays till June and the winters are from September to November.

Toral Pass

These treks begin 10 kms from Dharamshala and offer a passage that starts from Kangra valley and ends at Ravi valley. It starts from a place called Tang Narwana and is a regular route for the local shepherds, but one of the more challenging treks for outsiders.

Reaching Dharamshala

By Air

Dharamshala by Air

The nearest air link to Dharmashala is Gaggal airport which is just 15 kms away. It caters to the domestic flights of Delhi only and the airfares to Dharmshala are quite expensive. Since the weather is erratic most of the year therefore the authorities have to cancel the flights on several occasions. The regular flights can be booked in summer months easily.

By Bus

Dharamshala by Bus

Buses are a popular way of getting here as frequent buses from Delhi, Chandigarh and other major northern cities ply here regularly. The sceneries along the way are a treat for eyes and can be enchanting for nature lovers.

By Train

For the visitors of Dharamshala, the nearest railway station is Chakki Bank, which is at a distance of 1 hour drive from city. You will need a bus or taxi to reach the city. The Kangra region has a beautiful small gauge track that offers panoramic views of the mountains.

By Taxi

Freely and in bulk taxis are available for hire but they might pinch your pocket as a drive from any major northern city to Dharmshala is vast and takes time.

Getting Around

Walking is the best way to explore this region. Taxis are available to commute between Dharamshala, McLeodGanj and Bhagsu as well as other tourist spots. Auto rickshaws and buses are a cheaper alternative.

Yoga in Dharamshala

The birth place of Yoga, there can never be something better than this place to learn Yoga. It is a perfect place for holiday destination, adventure, sightseeing and seeing spirituality. The charming weather, beautiful views, Himalayas, monasteries make a perfect backdrop for learning and teaching as well. If you want to learn Yoga from proficient Yoga gurus you can start planning a trip today and consult us at free of cost. We are the best place to learn Yoga and get an environment of inspiration, learning and spirituality. You can contact us from —— or call us directly here at ——–.


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