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Goa can perfectly be defined as a blend of nature’s beauty with the modernity and hippies, of course. The place hosts a number of beaches and yoga retreats that are renowned all around the world. You will get all the fun, parties, drinks, serenity, white sand and all the pleasure that one can dream of right here and that’s why the place has been a favorite for tourists as well as national visitors. More than parties and beaches, if we look at Goa then the place is just another classy place to practice the spiritual Yoga and that’s why we also have set up our own retreat there.

Goa rests on the Indian West coasts and is called the “Pearl of the east”. Panaji, the capital city of Goa is famous spot for beach lovers and is located in the center of the city. The place is a combination of beaches, Portuguese architectures, churches, tourists, spiritual sceneries and more than that, the history of kingdoms and rulers. The state has preserved its integrity like anything. Historically as well as geographically, it has been grabbing attention of kings and emperors, neighboring countries and others. In fact, Portuguese entered Goa as merchants and they were spell bound by the beauty of this place to such an extent that they planned to conquer it soon. It was their capital for as long as 4 plus half centuries. And that’s why the city is enriched with Portuguese architecture even now.

Goa is tropical climate hosting state and that’s why be confident of facing warm temperature throughout the year almost! Sometimes the temperature rises to a high of 35 degrees Celsius but that is rare case. You can encounter frequent showers and rainfalls in the area and the place even with such weather is every bit of enjoyable and fun. The time period of October to till March is often cold and hosts pleasant nights for lovers. It was earlier that people used not to visit the place in rains due to weather issues but nowdays tourists flock the place in rainfall times to enjoy the drip drops and get soaked in nature! After all it’s the rainy season when natural beauty blooms at its best.

Yoga Goa

Get to Goa

Goa is easy to reach place filled with all communications media on place.

Travelling by Air:

Numerous flights are available that can take any traveler to Goa with great ease but usually all the flights enter the premises through Mumbai only and you might need to take a flight from Mumbai towards Goa to reach the heaven.

Goa by Air

Goa airport is in Dabolim, the place that is near Vasco Da Gama. Many resorts on Goa give the convenience of pick and drop facility from airports but this is purely based on the resort you have picked up. To ensure you can call the hotel or resort and confirm from them prior to booking. In case you are not able to find one, you can easily hire cabs that ply from airports to your accommodation at regular charges. Opt for pre paid taxis for superb ease.

Goa by Train

Goa by Train

If you are from India and want to take reach Goa then a train journey can work for you, at cheaper prices and comfort. Indian Railways systems offers direct trains to Goa via trains from Mumbai, Delhi, Bangalore and almost all the major metro points of the country. Though the journey will last longer than you are thinking of yet it will offer the opportunity to view the natural beauty, scenic landscape and fields as well as the vibrancy of different cities. Each of the stations of the train journey will say and teach a lot about the area, showcase their culture and you will be surprised to know and see the variations within our own India.

By Car

If you hail from states nearby Goa, for example Pune , Mumbai, etc. you can enhance your fun by choosing and reaching the place via a car. You can go there on a long drive with your loved ones, friends or someone else and enjoy the cool air, palm trees, coastal line rush free drive and natural beauty of the Goa.

Goa by Bus

Goa by Bus

Goa can also be reached by bus and one should choose this more of transportation if and only if they hail from nearby areas. Of you can sit comfortably for hours and are not prone to back pains then also you can choose bus. Multiple buses ply from cities Mumbai, Pune etc. and one can also find buses from Bengaluru to Goa easily now days.

Nearby Areas

Goa hosts welcoming and well mannered population and commuting there is no more a big deal. Private taxis, Good bus services and other means of transport are easily available and most of them will make you feel comfortable even you are away from home town. For travelling across water you can use ferries. Called as pilots, bikes are preferred and very famous mode of transportation.

Things you should do in Goa


Numerous tourist attractions are available in Goa and include a glimpse of various architectures like

Water Sports in Goa

Water Sports in Goa

A city of beaches, it offers water sports like snorkeling, jet skis, kayaking, relaxed boat rides, wind surfing, and fishing trips. There are lots of other activities that you can get indulged in for leisure, sport, and relaxation.


Being a hub for hippies and party lovers, Goa hosts parties throughout nights at different beaches, clubs, discs and other places. Nights in Goa are even better and vibrant then days and you will experience a new life once you visit them.

The Spiritual Goa

Goa is an attractive point Yoga lovers also and that’s why Indians and International visitors flock here to leverage advantage and learn about the psychological and emotional benefits of Yoga. You can easily find Yoga studios and retreats all across the popular as well as small beaches and join them to learn Yoga, seek spirituality and meet the inner self.

Places to See in Goa

Goa has been divided into two different sections North and South. While north Goa is vibrant and meant for lovers, and honeymoon visitors, the Southern Goa is the ideal place for calm, tranquility seekers and those who want to sun bath and relax.

White Sand Beaches

Yoga in Goa

Goa is a land of beaches and the entire city is filled with this natural beauty. The famous ones include:

  • Aswem Beach – Famous for long term stays by international visitors who love to relax, have sun bathing and relieve the stress.
  • Anjuna Beach – It is yet one of the most visited as well as popular beaches in Goa that hosts regular Saturday Night Bazars and people can be seen shopping and eating here.
  • Arambol Beach – To all those who love quite time, swimming and all the water and sands must head over to this place. You will get peaceful environment and water where you can enjoy swimming/li>
  • Palolem Beach – located down south, it has offshore islands and beautiful sand rocks. The place hosts a large number of local cuisine eateries.

The Charming Old World

Church in Goa

Goa is full of beautiful churches and ancient build and maintained churches, the Portuguese forts and Hindu temples, apart from the leftover stories and other reminiscence of Goan history. The place is rich in cultural heritage and you can find certain sites to explore. The popular attraction there includes:

  • Church of St Cajetan – Architectural marvel with marvelous designs, which was originally designed by St Peter’s of Rome.
  • Chapel of St Sebastian in Panjim – The premises were built in 1818, and thousands of tourists flock here in large numbers to see the striking crucifix.
  • Basilica of Bom Jesus, Old Goa – This is famous name from the Roman Catholic world and it contains mortal remains and the tomb of St Francis Xavier.
  • Margao in South Goa – Home to rich architecture by Portuguese. Such architectures are present many other areas of Goa as well, however Margao showcases the real Portugese culture.

Savoi Spice Plantation

This area is about 2 centuries old and is spread over an area of 100 acres. Tourist come here to explore the spices and the world of Clove, Cinnamon, Blck Pepper, Nutmeg etc. inhabiting the natural environment.


The place Goa, official pearl of East has always been welcoming the people from nation and abroad with a smile. It is right blend for lots of natural beauty and god’s creation and hosts Sun kissed beaches, vibrant views, drifting white sands, mesmerizing parties, colorful culture, loud music, and peaceful beaches. The beauty of place ensures that Goa does not leaves the visitor’s disappointed, but will leave you spell bound and jaw dropped. If you have been looking towards meeting the inner self, learn Yoga or true healing then visit Goa for once. The famous retreats here will teach you what it takes to learn the different styles, Asanas and poses under the vigilance and eyes of world known and Internationally acclaimed Yoga gurus. XYZ yoga will help you unite your mind with the body and soul. You can contact us anytime to know about the various course details and structure. Be confident of the curriculum, schedules and environment you will be provided for learning as we are a team of Yoga practitioners and preachers for whom Yoga is in their blood. You can also check the detail here at —–.

For better insight contact us at ——– now! We will be happy to help you.

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