About Us

Siddhi Yoga India is an endeavor to share the great yoga knowledge of ancient India; to revive it and to teach it in its original form. The goal is unity and balance; to make yoga a lifestyle; and to transform the lives of our students. Witnessing this transformation is our greatest reward. Seeing our students smile brings a smile on our face, watching their energies come to equilibrium, our spirits soar. And seeing them become able teachers inspires us more in return. (In fact, many of our former students are now teaching at Siddhi Yoga India.)

The Philosophy

Ancient Indian yogis and sages knew the significance of balance in life and the joy of living in harmony with nature. Sadly, the exponential growth of technology and the break-neck speed of our lives, forfeited this wisdom. We, at Siddhi Yoga India, believe that through the combination of re-connection with nature along with the practice of yoga in its original form, we can re-discover this ancient wisdom. We, at Siddhi Yoga India, seek to fulfill a broader vision. A vision of a life experienced beyond appearances and materialism and towards inner peace and evolution.

The Team

Siddhi Yoga India has been co-founded by two accomplished yoga lovers and well-known teachers, Mahindra Prasad and Madhur Rajpal.

Mahinder Prasad or Guru Mahi, as his students lovingly address him, runs his own yoga program called Mahi Yoga with centers in Goa & Dharamshala. He is a master of therapeutic yoga and adept at affecting radical transformation in the body-mind chemistry of his students. Madhur Rajpal, better known as Jayo, began his career as a yoga instructor at a very young age, teaching at some eminent yoga institutes around the world. In 2009, he started Bodhi Tree Yoga in partnership and later founded his signature yoga school, Yoga Mystica in Goa and Dharamshala. Jayo has unceasingly highlighted the importance of breath in yoga and unearthed some unique techniques of breathing and meditation that help in experiencing deep states of calm and relaxation. He is proficient in many styles of yoga and very popular amongst his students.

Both Mahi and Jayo are karma yogis – men of action. Their passion and love for yoga and common vision of sharing it with the world brought them together. They complement each other exceptionally well and have together created a yoga school that meets international standards, shares the wisdom of yoga in its pure form and is now respected as one of the leading benchmarks in the industry.

Our Teachers
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About Siddhi Yoga

Siddhi Yoga India is an ongoing endeavor toward unity and perfection and to experience a unique state of physical, psychological and spiritual bliss. It brings under one roof some of the best yoga teachers in the business and yoga enthusiasts from around the world, at the most peaceful and breathtaking destinations.

Ours is a leading institute for teacher trainings in India offering RYT 200 and RYT 300 courses. Our programs are accredited with and recognized by Yoga Alliance USA and Yoga Alliance International. We bring about profound and revolutionary changes in the mental and physical aspects of our students through hands-on teachings focused on body alignment, yoga postures, meditation and therapeutic healing.

We run ongoing retreats in Goa , Dharamshala and Rishikesh. What sets us apart from other yoga retreats is that every aspect of our programs – from the designing of the course to the centers and food menu – has been hand-picked by our team with love and care. All the destinations where we run our courses – Goa, Dharamshala and Rishikesh – are abundant in natural beauty and high on the cultural and spiritual quotients. Our residential centers are nestled in quiet corners of these places to ensure that our students have enough peace and space to go deep in yoga and meditation.

The accolades and encouragement Siddhi Yoga India has been receiving as a yoga school has inspired us to expand and soon open centers in Bali, Thailand, Singapore, and Malaysia.

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