About Yoga

Q. Is there any difference between yoga and different forms of fitness regimens?

Yoga wants to bring about a complete transformational change in the body-mind chemistry of man. Unlike most fitness courses, its goal is unity and approach holistic, and it achieves it through flexibility and agility in the body, as well as psychological and emotional cleansing.

Q. Is yoga dogmatic? Will it clash with my religious orientation?

Yoga is not a religion. It is scientific. It does not require belief or faith. Yoga says experiment with these different methods and see the results for yourself. It does not claim any truth and is based purely on practice and so there is no question of it interfering with anyone’s religious leanings.

Q. My body is very rigid – can I still learn yoga?

You can. Flexibility comes with practice and in the beginning all that is needed is a little patience. Our empathetic teachers work with the students with dedication and love, to make their bodies fit and flexible.

About the Programs

Q. Is it necessary to be a trained yoga professional to enroll for the program?

No, but it is essential that students have basic understanding and knowledge of yoga. A beginner’s course at a local yoga school can help you get a grasp of basic yoga postures and terminology.

Q. What styles of yoga do you teach?

At Siddhi Yoga  we teach the following styles of yoga:
1. Traditional Hatha Yoga 2. Vinyasa Flow 3. Ashtanga Yoga 4. Iyengar based Therapeutic Yoga

Q. Does your course qualify me to teach and at what level?

Students who complete the course with us receive yoga certification from our institute and are qualified to start teaching straight away. We also suggest that they apply for Yoga Alliance Certification and augment their odds of getting a better paying yoga job.

Q. What if I want to join the course not to teach but my personal well being? Is that okay?

Yes, it is. Many students join us to go deeper into their own yoga practice. Even though these courses are designed for yoga teacher training, they work first and foremost on individual learning and body-mind-soul unity.

About Yoga Certification

Q. What is Yoga Alliance?

Yoga Alliance® is a non-profit organization acting as an education and support organization for yoga schools. They have laid down a very clear set of standards in terms of curriculum, planning and training, in order to become a RYT (Registered Yoga Teacher). Yoga Alliance is considered as the standard certification for any yoga training school, and most yoga studios expect their teachers to have this certification. Yoga Alliance has more than 3000 registered schools and more than 37000 registered teachers worldwide.

Q. Is Siddhi Yoga Certified by Yoga Alliance?

Yes, very much. All our courses are accredited by Yoga Alliance at the 200 and 300 hour levels. We are RYS200 and RYS300 compliant.

Q. Is there a way to verify Siddhi Yoga ’s credentials?

Yes. You can visit , please visit: Yoga Alliance School Directory

Q. Will the certification issued by Siddhi Yoga be valid in my home country?

Yes, we are respected the world over as an international yoga school. Students from more than 50 countries have been trained by us. And even more importantly, your Yoga Alliance USA registration is the international standard for teachers everywhere and they have 37000 registered teachers worldwide in almost every country.

Q. Should i apply for Yoga Alliance separately?

Yes, you should. Our certification will qualify you to apply for Yoga Alliance International certification. It is not necessary to apply for Yoga Alliance certification but surely augments the chances of getting better paying jobs in yoga teaching.

Before the Program

Q. I will be travelling to India for the first time, can you help me?

After registration, you will be in direct touch with our Course Manager. Feel free to communicate with him/her for any clarifications or requirements.

Q. Is it possible for you to arrange an airport pick for me?

Yes we will. You just need to inform us of your flight schedule and we will make the necessary arrangements. But make sure you communicate all the information to us well in advance. The airport pick up is included in the program fees. If you wish to pay a tip to the driver, do not exceed INR 100.

Q. What all is included in the program fees?

Tuition and stay at the yoga retreat, airport pick-up along with three vegetarian meals from Monday-Friday are included. Filtered drinking water and hot running water for bathing (Dharamshala only) is also part of the package.

Q. How many students are there in one class?

A max of 15-20 students. In batches where students exceed the number of 25 we divide them into two groups. For this very reason we have two yoga halls at all our yoga centres. For philosophy, anatomy, the art of teaching methodology or other theory classes, the batches attend them together.

Q. What should I bring with me?

Comfortable clothing for your yoga practice and any essentials that you carry while travelling. Please bring your own towels, and toiletries like soap, shampoo etc. Carrying a notebook, a pen, a natural mosquito repellent and alarm clock is a good idea. For Dharamshala, you can also bring raingear and some warm clothes.

Q. Do I need any vaccines before coming to India?

No, usually they are not needed. But do consult your doctor for the same.

During the Program

Q. Can I miss a class?

No, only in case of an unavoidable circumstance. 100% attendance is required to receive the yoga certification. If, however, you are unable to attend a class due to a valid problem like sickness, you can cover it up by spending some extra time with the concerned teacher.

Q. How much time will I need to spend on practice outside the classes?

Approximately an hour daily including your written assignments. You will be guided step-by-step for the same by our teachers.

Q. Will I have free time to myself?

Yes you will – between sessions and classes; and the evenings are mostly free. Besides, on weekends you’ll have enough free time.

Q. Are weekends off?

Sundays are off. On Saturdays we have only one morning class. But there are exceptions sometimes when we have full day classes on Saturdays. On such occasions, all three meals are provided by us.

Q. Do the students at your yoga retreat hail from varied cultures and backgrounds?

Yes they do. Siddhi Yoga accepts students from all backgrounds regardless of ethnicity, religion or country. In fact, most of our students are not native Indians but foreigners and some teachers too are not of Indian origin but yoga practitioners of great authenticity and stature.

Q. If I do not take my meal/meals on a particular day, can I get refund for the same?

No it is not refundable. Our meals are special – the yogic vegetarian food is prepared with love and care and suitable for the yoga regimen. We do not advise you to eat out.

Q. I have special food requirements and I am allergic to gluten and nuts; can you help me?

Yes. But only if you inform us in advance. So far we have taken care of many special needs such as Vegan diet, Gluten-free and Nuts-free diet.

Q. Where to have food on weekends and how much does it cost?

There are plenty of restaurants/cafes within walking distance of all our centres. There are some great options for organic food too. On an average a meal costs between INR 200-400/person.

Q. Is there a refrigerator in the room?

No. But the common kitchen has one, if you want to store some essentials.

Q. Is credit card accepted in the market?

Most of the shops accept cash only in INR currency. But there are few money changers around to change the currency.

Q. How easy is it to get a local SIM card for my mobile, how long does it take and what are the documents required?

In India it takes a minimum of 24 hours to activate a new SIM. And that is possible after submitting all the documents – a copy of your passport and a passport size photo.

Q. Are credit cards accepted in the market?

Most shops accept only cash in Indian Rupees. Credit cards/debit cards are accepted in more upmarket restaurants. ATMs are available easily and also there are a few money changers around.

Q. Do you have WiFi available?

Yes we have WiFi facility available at all our centres. In Dharamshala, it’s accessible at the Yoga Hall only. Also sometimes the internet is not available during heavy rain or thunderstorms at this venue. In Goa, it’s only available at ‘The Whispering Lake’.

Q. Are there ATMs in the vicinity?

Yes, there are ATMs near all our yoga centres, but the daily withdrawal is limited to Rs.10,000.

Q. I am a blogger and run my own personal blog. Am I allowed to write about my experience with Siddhi Yoga India India?

Yes, you are welcome to do that. Feel free to share your experience and if you need photographs, you can use them from our Facebook page. It would be good if you can share the postings with us too.

Refund Policy:

Q. If I’m not able to make it for the program then can I get a refund?

The initial INR 30,000/40,000 you pay as booking fees is non-refundable. The rest of the fees is only to be paid on the day of joining the program. If due to any unforeseen reasons, a student is forced to leave a program midway, they can always join back (with advance intimation) in the next two years, but please make note – the fees already paid is non-refundable.
If after booking a program and paying the advance fees, you are not able to make it for the program, you must intimate us 2 weeks in advance for Dharamshala/Rishikesh and 4 weeks in advance for Goa, to re-schedule your program anytime during the next two years. If you don’t inform or inform us later than the above period, you will have to incur 50% of the accommodation cost.

Q. What if Siddhi Yoga postponed the course or canceled it?

So far we have never cancelled a yoga program. But if due to some unforeseen circumstances such as a natural calamity, we need to cancel our program, we will refund 100% of the amount paid by you to us. You will also have the option to attend a future program at a discounted rate.

Q. I got injured just before the program; is it possible to get the refund for medical reasons?

We are afraid, no. We are very sorry for your injury but the deposit is non-refundable.

Q. I got pregnant just before the program; can I get refund?

We wish you a safe and happy pregnancy but we are sorry the deposit is non-refundable. However, if you can intimate us 3 weeks in advance, we are more than willing to re-schedule your program.

If you still have questions unanswered, you are welcome to contact us and we will respond within 24 hours.

Our Teachers
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