Why Siddhi Yoga IndiaSiddhi Yoga is an ongoing endeavor toward unity and perfection and to experience a unique state of physical, psychological and spiritual bliss. It brings under one roof some of the best yoga teachers in the business and yoga enthusiasts from around the world, at the most peaceful and breathtaking destinations.


Learning yoga is the greatest body-mind experience a person can gift himself/herself. It is a remedy for contemporary man’s stressful, fast and dizzying lifestyle. To partake in this ancient practice, it is mandatory to have the right teacher – simply because yoga cannot be learnt from theory lessons or texts. One needs a good teacher to transmit the teachings of yoga in their original form just like in ancient times. At Siddhi Yoga, our teachers aspire to help students experience transformation from the very roots simply because we do not believe in short-term or temporary solutions, rather in bringing about quantum change. With the right mix of knowledge, experience, equanimity and empathy they ensure that every student imbibes the true principles of yoga.

Our teachers are amongst the most authentic exponents of yoga in India. They have honed their skills through years of practice and discipleship under the erstwhile great yoga gurus of India. They are adept at helping students attain physical fitness and flexibility, and thereafter, mental peace and spiritual upliftment.

Our eminent teachers have helped to bring about profound and revolutionary changes in the mental and physical aspects of our students through hands-on teachings focused on body alignment, yoga postures, meditation and therapeutic healing; besides, giving them the right methods and ethics to establish their own teaching careers. Most of our teachers are certified by international yoga bodies such as Yoga Alliance USA, Yoga Alliance International and Government of India.

Our Teachers
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Siddhi Yoga is an endeavor to share the great yoga knowledge of ancient India; to revive it and to teach it in its original form. The goal is unity and balance; to make yoga a lifestyle; and to transform the lives of our students. Witnessing this transformation is our greatest reward. Seeing our students smile brings a smile on our face, watching their energies come to equilibrium, our spirits soar. And seeing them become able teachers inspires us more in return. (In fact, many of our former students are now teaching at Siddhi Yoga India India.)

At Siddhi Yoga, our emphasis is divided equally on the methodology of yoga – postures, pranayama and meditation – and ‘how to share this knowledge with others’. The latter part is usually either ignored or taken for granted. But in our vision teaching is an art in itself and must be mastered before sharing the knowledge of yoga. What sets us apart from other yoga retreats is that every aspect of our programs – from the designing of the course to the centers and food menu – has been hand-picked by our team with love and care.

Siddhi Yoga India India’s teacher programs have been developed to impart the full spectrum of yoga knowledge and methodology including the higher goals of traditional yoga – unity and alignment of mind-body-soul, inner stillness and the larger aim of spreading the tenets of yoga.

Our RYT 200 course emphasizes on aligning the body as per yoga principles through the practice of yogic postures and meditation and building physical resilience and strength. Our RYT 300 course explores yogic asanas in their even deeper aspects and introduces more forms of meditation. Our yoga practice is a fusion of yoga and other Vedic sciences and helps students to become good and able teachers. Along with sessions on the history of yoga, prayer meetings and kirtans, outdoor excursions and bonfires, it becomes a wholesome experience. The aim is to help our students to live and breathe the Vedic culture and yoga lifestyle. It is a course that will not only help you to become healthy, flexible, peaceful and meditative on a personal level but also give you invaluable tips and subtle points through which you can share your knowledge with others.

We do not believe in following the rules by the book. We believe in flexibility on the mental level, just as on the physical level in asanas. Our teaching approach is personalized and each student is taught differently keeping his/her unique strengths and limitations in mind. Acharyas and gurus keep a close eye on each student’s progress and guide them to the next stage at the appropriate moment.


Locations – Goa, Dharamshala & Rishikesh

We run ongoing retreats in Goa, Dharamshala and Rishikesh. All the destinations are abundant in natural beauty and high on the cultural and spiritual quotients. Our residential centers are nestled in quiet corners of these places to ensure that our students have enough peace and space to go deep in yoga and meditation.


Goa offers the knowledge and methodology of yoga in its pure and undiluted form, just the way it was born in ancient India, along with a global and multi-cultural vibe where east meets west and the boundaries often blur away. It is a melting pot of rich heritage, spirituality, music, dance, health and wellness remedies and makes the perfect setting for yoga lovers. People from all over the world flock to this idyllic paradise for training programs and retreats specializing in different yoga styles. The Whispering Lakes, our yoga resort is set in a green landscape spread over 5 acres near the Arambol beach.


Students are provided accommodation in lovely, traditional cottages overlooking a pristine lake, which is a part of the resort area. The peaceful and natural surroundings are the perfect setting for communion with nature and diving deep into yoga and meditation.

Dharamshala has a lasting affinity with yoga and there are numerous courses that offer yoga teacher training in the region. Home to his Holiness, the Dalai Lama, Dharamshala is a spiritual vortex of sorts. The mystical zeal is so pronounced here, that any seeker cannot help being deeply touched by it. Nature here is at its pristine best and visitors can enjoy breathtaking views of the towering mountains, bathe in the sparkling waterfalls, swim in the natural lakes and savor the therapeutic benefits of hot water springs. For culture and history enthusiasts there are ancient forts and temples and for food lovers plenty of multi-cuisine cafes and restaurants. Our Dharamshala Yoga center is located in upper Bhagsu, a kilometer away from Mcleodganj. The resort is nestled inside a dense mountain forest and silence here can almost be touched!

Rishikesh is an ancient town, not only famous as the birthplace of yoga but also referred to as the ‘yoga capital of the world’. Resting on the foothills of the Himalayas, Rishikesh epitomizes India in many ways. It is home to many great yogis and spiritual masters, and seekers and yoga enthusiasts flock here round the year to learn and deepen their spiritual practice. Tucked away from the chaos of the main town, Siddhi Yoga India’s Rishikesh center is situated in the countryside. The architecture and interiors of the building are simple and earthy and created as an extension of the yoga ethos.

Our centers ensure that our students have a comfortable, quiet and productive stay. The private rooms/cottages are well equipped with all possible amenities yet are earthy and Zen in character. The centers are surrounded by forests or gardens and have dedicated peace zones.


Find out what others have to say about the awesome teachers at Siddhi Yoga India:


Finally found My Teacher!

During my travels in India three years ago I met Mahi and his yoga center in Dharamshala and knew I have found my teacher! I graduated the 500 hours Teacher Training Course with him in June 2012 and got the chance to share my love for yoga with more and more people. The Teacher training was an unforgettable experience for me. I had the best time in the world in the beautiful mountains of Dharamshala and learned more about myself and about yoga then I had my whole life. Mahi is an amazing teacher with incredible amount of knowledge and i am so grateful that i got the opportunity to train with him. Thank you! Do yoga be happy! – Lior Inbar


The Best Teacher!

Jayo’s yoga instructions are clear and calm. He describes and demonstrates every movement thoroughly, making it easy to follow and encouraging. He is attentive to personal needs and difficulties, and has alternatives to suit such needs. Jayo’s classes are suited to all yoga levels, focusing on internal integrity and wellbeing that grows within each unique individual. He is in-tune with the overall feelings of a class, along with the emotions of the individuals, and modifies his courses accordingly. I walked away from every class with heightened awareness of my physical and mental bodies. I also left the retreat with a firm basis for a self-practice, from pranayama through asana.

– Natasha Compton

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