“True yogis in every sense of the word …”

“Thank you to Siddhi Yoga India for an intense but rewarding four weeks of yoga teacher training. All of the knowledgeable instructors were not only great teachers but are true yogis in every sense of the word. Their vast expertise of the anatomical, philosophical and spiritual aspects of yoga has permanently shifted my perspective of the practice and continues to inspire me to pursue a deeper understanding of yoga. I’m so grateful for my experience in Goa, the amazing mentors I’ve acquired and the group of lifelong friends I have made in the process.”
Jill, USA

“I found the techniques to be very powerful …”

“I met Sw. Veet Jayo at Yoga Teacher Training course in Dharamsala, May of 2013. I was fortunate enough to experience his yoga, breath and meditation classes. I found the techniques to be very powerful, and his passion towards life and spirituality to be genuine and inspiring. I would love to come back for more courses. It’s wonderful teachers and a trusting and caring learning environment.”

“I’ll never forget this experience …”

“When I decided to do my yoga teacher training course in India, I started with a school in McCloud Ganj, that I didn’t like so much. After I met an acquaintance in the lovely streets of the little villages round Dharamshala, this person told me about his teacher Mahi. The way he described Mahi’s teachings sounded so nice I wanted to try his class.

On my only free day I hiked up to Dharamkot and found a rooftop covered with plastic what supposed to be THE yoga shala. I got to know Mahi by standing on a block, him telling me things about my body with just looking at my feet… (later I found out he does that with every new student). During class I got to experience his firm way of hands on adjustments and I immediately felt I wanted to change teachers because I could learn so much more here! I got to know Mahi as a person who is passionate about teaching, loves making jokes and telling his students things about his life through which he connects to his students on a more personal level. My time with Mahi was an amazing experience. I improved a lot thanks to his eye for alignment. I gained a lot of flexibility thanks to his support and sometimes helping me in seemingly impossible poses (first time I did padmasana he asked me to look up and just grabbed my second leg, lifted it, and crossed it over the other….). I felt very happy in Dharamkot village and around, because Mahi showed us around, arranged a wonderful camping trip and even celebrated Diwali with us. I’ll never forget this experience and if anyone is looking for a real ‘off-the-beaten-track’ yoga teacher, he’s the one to give a try with and decide for yourself!

Angelique Schutten

“The path of yoga …”

“First of all, we learn discipline. We learn respect. We learn to obey others. Swallow your pride. Second of all we learn to do it correctly and detailed. Every part of your body is placed correctly, bone by bone – limb by limb – to get the right benefits, and the right flow of your blood and your prana out of the pose (asana). You will be pushed to your limits, but in the right way – the yogic way. Mahi also has a great vision of seeing your “problems”. With your body and your mind. And he can give you the right tools to move on. With your body and with your life. I am very happy I found Mahi and choose him to be my guide threw the yogic path. You don’t have to follow all the path. Follow the ones that are close to your health. From the first yoga class i took with Mahi I fell in love.. I felt like this was what I have been looking for in a yoga teacher! it was 4 years ago at 2008 and i am still coming back for more. Mahi has a wonderful way of teaching, with amazing amount of knowledge and sensitivity. He has a way of getting you to places in your practice you never been before. he is a great guide and an awesome guy!! see you in the ttc course 2012.”

“Instructions are Very Precise …”

“Jayo has a great presence which makes him a natural teacher. His yoga instructions are very precise and allow you to reach a deeper level of understanding of each posture.

Jayo’s teaching of adjustments helps you learn how to handle another body respectfully; he is mindful of appropriate space and touch and you learn how to approach each student individually.

Jayo always brings the classes attention back to the breath and its importance. This is often missing in many yoga sessions and Jayo is a living demonstration of the importance of breath within our practice.

I would recommend Jayo to anyone who wanted to improve their own technique or wanted to learn how to teach yoga with mindfulness.”
Katie Marston

“Practice and friendship …”

“I practice yoga since a long time and I teach yoga since three years.I did the 500 hours teacher training course with Mahi….It was an amazing experience for me. The practice and the friendship with Mahi was something that I am not going to forget in my life. He is very professional in all the topics that we were learning and every class is a different experience. We were practicing asanas, pranayamas, kriyas, meditation, mantras and more. We were teaching with him in his classes and we had the opportunity to teach alone also. He is creative, funny and serious at the same time you can really enjoy with him. If I had to take the decision again, I would like to do it again with him. Thank you Mahi! ”
Love, Diana

“Professional attitude towards his work …”

“I attended Veet Jayo’s meditation and breath workshop in May 2012. I was new to this and didn’t know what expect. From the first day he made me feel comfortable. His classes were prepared well. He gave very clear instructions which helped a lot. I learnt many different types of meditations, my personal favorite being dance meditation, his choice of music suited each class perfectly.

I found the breathing classes slightly difficult but with his professional attitude towards his work he suggested different techniques to suit everyone of all levels. I enjoyed his classes very much and learnt a lot, I would recommend his workshops to anyone.”
Katie Crow

“New insights into yoga …”

“My name is Celine, I attended the 200hrs Yoga Teacher Training with Mahi in Goa, January 2012. I spent a great deal of time with Mahi, both as a drop in student and in the teacher training. His methods are thorough and lead to a greater understanding of what yoga really is. He uses props where necessary to adjust students into the proper alignments , so as to fully benefit from each assana. Enthusiastic in his role as a teacher and therapist, he generously proceeds to explain the therapeutic benefits of the assana careful to mention that those suffering from a particular ailment should not do the pose and puts them in a pose that not only suits their condition, but also heals through regular practice.

In the Teacher Training Course, he is attentive to each of his student, always correcting, encouraging and sharing profound information throughout the course. An experience i will never forget, life changing in ways that cannot be described in words. I recommend it to anyone interested in a healthier way of life, even if you don’t necessarily want to become a teacher. I have developed self discipline, more confidence, valuable information i can use for the rest of my life and so much more. See you at the next course!”.


“Grateful for the experience …”

“I’m back on US souk and it feels good to be home.
Well, I loved the whole experience. I know many people are not used to intensive emotional and release work, and may not want to do that kind of deep transformation… But for me it was great. At times it took a little extra motivation when there was so much exhaustion from the course… But I thought overall it was a great opportunity to experience such diverse and effective meditations. I’m grateful for the experience.

Hope all is well for you! Love!!!”
Aeray, USA

“We are all his children …”

“There are so many great things to say about the TTC course that Mahi runs in Bhagsu, You learn Pranayama, Asana (correct posotion / function / benefits / history / mythology / adjustment), Meditation, Philosophy, Anatomy, Mantra, and the best thing about Mahi’s TTC yoga course is that he gives his students actual teaching experience, and the confidence to teach on their own. As for Mahi himself he is a great teacher who views all his students as his children, and his knowledge of yoga is vast. He taught me so much both inside and outside the classroom. Thank you Mahi. I hope to see you again”

“Recommend you to everyone …”

“Recommend you to everyone

Thank you for all your teachings…

Your sessions was handled very well, the way u manage class is really commendable. You make everyone enjoy Ur sessions, u treat everyone like a friend give them freedom which is really good but at the same time u make them do things u wanted means u r true professional too …that is a very good quality of a teacher.

Your Meditation, breathing and Shivananda asana class was very nice. I really recommend you to everyone.

JAYO U ROCK :))))) Reallyyyy

And thank you for all ur guidance.”
Divya 🙂

“Good value for money …”

“I completed the 200 hour Yoga Teacher Training with Mahi in Upper Bhagsu, McLeaod Ganj, Dharamshala in May 2011 and I am now teaching yoga in Australia with confidence. I chose to study with Mahi after researching and trying many different teachers and ashrams in Rishikesh because of his strict attention to detail regarding posture and alignment. You couldn’t find a better value for your money. He taught us how to use props so people of all shapes and sizes can get the best stretch for their body type safely and effectively. The small TT class meant that we got a lot of personal attention and Mahi was always available for his students. The studio is located in one of the most beautiful and special places I have ever been. A few minutes’ walk from the residence of the Dalai Lama, I cannot think of a more ideal place in India to learn and heal. The time I spent in the YTT was a major changing point and one of the best times in my life. I found a new peace and my posture improved as did my confidence and yoga practice. I cannot wait until I can go back to India to study more with Mahi.”
Andrea Violet Cezarek, Australia

“Finally found my teacher! …”

“During my travels in India three years ago I met Mahi and his yoga center in Dharamshala and knew I have found my teacher! I graduated the 500 hours Teacher Training Course with him in June 2012 and got the chance to share my love for yoga with more and more people. The Teacher training was an unforgettable experience for me. I had the best time in the world in the beautiful mountains of Dharamshala and learned more about myself and about yoga then I had my whole life. Mahi is an amazing teacher with incredible amount of knowledge and i am so grateful that I got the opportunity to train with him. Thank you! Do yoga be happy! ”
Lior Inbar

“Immense gratitude and happiness”

“My name is Mercedes Banos, spanish by birth, citizen of the world by choice. I have completed a 200 hour yoga teacher training with 3 amazing teachers. This letter is to communicate the immense gratitude and happiness for our teacher Jayo. He has brought to us wonderful concepts and information that had changed our conceptions and perceptions in our lives and the lives we may touch in the future as teachers.

He has a very beautiful and unique dynamism blended with traditional and modern theories and practices in his meditation and yoga teachings. In whomever this letter and information may go, know you have upon you a beautiful soul and very well prepared person to touch and reach the masses with his techniques.”
Mercedes Banos, Spain.

“This is the guy whose brain you want to pick! …”

“I took drop in classes with Mahi in Goa, 2012. It was a great experience! He teaches with passion, discipline and a good sense of humor. In his class I really got an insight of Yoga and what it can be for me. Mahi has a really good eye for people’s physical health and capabilities and can adjust and advise. It’s really interesting to hear and he takes your questions and concerns seriously. My feet and knees are really happy to have met Mahi and I even told my doctor about it If you have an interest in Yoga at all – This is the guy whose brain you want to pick! You want to know what he knows! I’ll be back in October, see you!”

“Jayo, is an authentic teacher with a beautiful energy …”

“It is a distinct pleasure to recommend to you my great Yoga-, Meditation- and Breath-Workshop Teacher and good friend Jajo (Madhur Rajpal). In my capacity as a Yoga Teacher Training Student I worked closely with Jayo from June 3rd, 2012 through July 3rd, 2012 in Dharamsala.

During the one month Yoga Teacher Training with 21 participants Jayo was my Sivananda Yoga Trainer. During his lessons, he was always attentive, precise, patient and it was also really fun to learn from him.

Jayo, is an authentic teacher with a beautiful energy. He explained us the meditation and breath techniques step-by-step. His trustworthiness makes it easy to follow his excellent guidance and let myself go. Jayo provided guidance by having students practice techniques in front of him.

He explained everything very well, and slowly start to practice with us together. After any meditation session he spent his time for questions or clarifications.

Jayo‘s unconventional coachings were just amazing and I really enjoyed the Experiences in his sessions. For myself I felt that I stepped further on my own way of meditation practice.

Jayo has excellent people skills, which contributed to making him a successful Teacher.

I could continue providing you with more glowing accounts of Jayo but will instead simply say that I really do think the world of him and respect him greatly. I would without any reservation recommend Jayo to you. He would be a tremendous asset for you as your Teacher.”
Lena-Katrin Hösch, Germany

“I’ll be back! …”

“Some things we did in class seemed to be impossible even to come close to do, because I was really stiff in some places of my body, but even here Mahi knows how to help, always feeling the right moment to push you to a bit higher level of doing specific asana (but always asking people if he could adjust first!) – so I never felt hopeless, even though in some of the postures I really used to be! When it’s absolutely impossible to do yoga correct without – Mahi asks to use some blocks and/or belts, which I found really helpful for some postures. And hanging on the belt upside down was great as well! The beginners love it, just like I did on the 1st of May 2012, when I came to the class first. Sometimes Mahi even tells the stories about the asana’s origin from Hindu mythology.

After two months of almost uninterrupted practice I really awoke the love to yoga in me! Thanks to Mahi and all of his assistants to that, especially to Lior, who helped a lot! Now I seriously consider the option of coming back for teacher training course with Mahi since he really knows a lot about the subject…”

“Suited to all yoga levels …”



“Jayo’s yoga instructions are clear and calm. He describes and demonstrates every movement thoroughly, making it easy to follow and encouraging. He is attentive to personal needs and difficulties, and has alternatives to suit such needs. Jayo’s classes are suited to all yoga levels, focusing on internal integrity and wellbeing that grows within each unique individual. He is in-tune with the overall feelings of a class, along with the emotions of the individuals, and modifies his courses accordingly.

Jayo builds his class structure well, ensuring that his students are properly prepared for every step; he introduces breath work with clarity, includes thorough warm-ups and presents essential asana for the entire system. He does all of this keeping the emotional, psychological and spiritual aspects of yoga in mind.

I walked away from every class with heightened awareness of my physical and mental bodies. I also left the retreat with a firm basis for a self-practice, from pranayama through asana.

I appreciate Jayo’s resonant voice, his clear instructions and his personal availability. I hope to work with him more in the future.”


“Jayo brings his own unique perspective to ancient practices, adapting techniques to suit life in this modern world. The meditations that I experienced with him included intensive breath work, experimenting with the inner child, self-conscious reflection and continuous movement. He mentally prepares his students for each type of meditation and is ready to actively handle any emotions and situations that may arise. He supplements some of his meditations with recordings from Osho and rhythmic music”

Natasha Compton

“Take the most advantage of every lesson …”

“I travelled around India in march/april 2012. India is an amazing country but have to say the place I loved the most was Mc Leod Ganj. It’s just an incredible, beautiful and energetic place. What I loved more about my stay there was the opportunity to meet Mahi and attend some of his yoga classes. I did a 12 hour weekend course and then continued to attend classes regularly on the 10 day period I stayed in Mc Leod Ganj. Mahi is a great teacher; he’s very intuitive, cares about his students, gets to know them and is able to help each individual regardless of their level of knowledge in yoga to take the most advantage of every lesson. I absolutely recommend his classes and I hope I can go back soon to do the one month teacher training.”

Our Teachers
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