Yoga Teacher Training Retreats & Courses in Rishikesh

Aspirant and Learners:

  • Are you looking for a calmer and serene environment for learning Yoga?
  • Want to delve deeper in knowledge and skills for teaching Yoga?
  • Seeking in depth Yoga practice capabilities?

If your answer to any of the above mentioned question is yes, then you are at the right place. Our  training center is just what you will need not to go beyond.

Why you should do this course

  • Learn to teach Yoga practices in any type of studio or resort
  • Self enrichment, living healthy and breathing Yoga learning
  • Sit in the lap of nature and understand it
  • Learn and inspire, yourself, trainees as well as teachers
  • Savor the ethnic spirit of Yoga culture
  • Know more about natural healing

How we will help you?

Unburden yourself:

And get rid of all the materialistic feelings and things that are prone to bring disorder and turmoil in to your life. We are living in urban age when things are fast paced, buried under haste and stress, events, memories, fears, work and everything that can and in fact, is taking a toll over your mind and health. We are tending to become addicted to those habits that are heavy, negative and sometimes burdensome on our soul. Our XYZ program helps you learn how to leave and get rid of them. Adopting a healthier lifestyle, detoxifying yourself from emotional, physical or psychological burdens is never a bad idea, after all!

Meet the hidden gifts:

Your body is a gift which comes with hidden abilities- your potential and feelings. Most of the times, we are in state that says “No we can’t do this!” but simple yoga meditation can fill you with so much positivity and inspiration that you will feel the desire to hit back on those negative thoughts. At XYZ our hands on to comprehensive and exhaustive teaching of Yoga helps the learners and seekers to find and get introduced to their own abilities and strengths. Overcome your fears, love yourself and become self assured with Yoga.

Enrich and Familiarze:

Enrich yourself and deepen into the practice of yoga. Our mentors are true guides that will not only encourage and inspire you but also make you understand the life through various Yoga poses. Practice the poses that seem impossible, we integrate right postures with precise instructions. We even teach how to use struts and other aids to make the postures easy for you. Surprise yourself with our comprehensive training. Years of Yoga research at XYZ has filled us with immense techniques that can make you learn things in months.

Learn the tricks of teaching:

Not only students, we also train teachers, inculcate the nuisance and authenticity of teaching tricks. Yoga learning is easy but it requires proficiency to teach it to others, professionally or casually! What is most important is to interpret it in the right ways. Thinking that learning yoga can automatically transform you into a teacher is a myth. Know the importance of breath, attitude, flexibility, poses, and ways of teaching by experts who have more than 20 years of vast experience. Get the finest details embedded to your mind.

Uplift your life

Yoga will help you uplift your life, change your way of thinking and purify the body as well as thoughts. It helps you to go through a sense of deep psychological and emotional healing. It also helps you to know and meet kindness, flexibility, strengths and weakness. Learn with a group of likeminded people and foster the friendship ties for a lifetime. When you are filled with positivity, there is nothing that can let you down.

About the course

Be full of activities and enjoy our daily program. We ensure that your day at XYZ will be full of Yoga and positivity. Wake up with the sunrise, inhale the fresh and pure air, stretch and wake up your body, and then start with the asanas, kriyas and mediation. It will then further be followed by breakfast, after a few minutes break.

After that there will be a class on human anatomy, teaching methodologies, and yoga philosophy. After lunch you will be headed over to workshops that showcase related subject knowledge and in evening we host Yoga practice sessions for students in order to fine tune their learning and teaching skills.

The basic idea behind such practice is to understand the human physiology, master the learning and teaching techniques, improve and work on your lifestyle, yoga philosophy emphasis and fill your day with enjoyment and activities.

Inculcating skills of Masters:

Our training program is a step to inculcate the master skills and adopt the precious and unbiased teachings of Yoga in you. Our Yogic ethos are encompassing, goes beyond regular postures and shed light on emotional and psychological ethics. Things that out abc program will teach you:

  • 1. A motivator and inspiration
  • 2. Use yoga to get rid of pains
  • 3. Teaching the right yoga postures and skills
  • 4. Rework postures in case of injuries and sprains
  • 5. Manage classes

Am I actually ready for it?

Since yoga is a natural art, it does not needs any competitions, negative emotion or revenge to learn and teach. Instead it is a science that is viable and available for all, alike. Yoga, we can say is a book of guidelines that are meant to teach us healthy, peaceful and positive lifestyle, giving the freedom to enjoy and celebrate your body, individuality, uniqueness and distinctive qualities. Some learners try to start teaching as soon as they are done with the

teaching, while some might take time to explore each and every aspect first and then make a choice.

Its only your love and passion for yoga that drives the decision to learn, impart or showcase your Yoga knowledge. Whether you want to do it professionally or for the sake of fun or yourself, its benefits are catered to you anyways. It has always been said that learning never stops. It’s the same case with Yoga. Remain humble, kind and keep learning. Lead to the path your inner desires show you and if you are ready to share what you have learnt and experienced you are most welcome. Jump and take a plunge!

What if I Fail To Do All the Postures?

Yoga, is not about stunts, acrobats, aerobatics or somersaults instead focuses on discovering and lighting the inner self stillness and stabilities. Every human is born with different body and mind set and yoga, being a nature centered process respects that. You have your own strengths, weaknesses, and flexibility quotient. Some people can stretch a lot, while some not. The main point that must be kept in mind before starting is it needs not to be perfect to

practice Yoga. It is rather the benefits that come with that particular posture.

In addition to this, the point here is also that to become enabled teachers towards which your disciples can look up and learn. Knowing the art of every posture makes it quiet easy to perform and adapt. Every posture is easy and non stressful till the time you are passionate. And this is what our classes will teach you. The vast experience of our Yoga gurus will teach you how not being able to perform a single asana won’t affect your abilities and inner peace. It is not performance, it is no perfection, and it is not a competition but a science of healing. To leverage the right outcomes, focus and fret not.


We offer home cooked vegetarian food to our students and meal is served thrice a day. Since it’s all about being healthy, we comply with health standards and provide healthy, nutritious food that is filled with carbs, proteins, vitamins and light weight. Though there are no restrictions to eat out or non veg, yet we serve food for all, so keep in mind to be vegetarian.

  • 3 group meals daily (Monday-Friday) Breakfast on Saturday (included in course fees) The menu includes: fruits, homemade breads, salads, juice, herbal tea, lentils, local vegetables etc.
  • Additional food, snacks, and beverages can be purchased at any time from The Hotel.

Adopting skills of Yoga gurus:

We confirm exhaustive rules and guidelines to inculcate the precious teachings of best Yoga gurus, chapters from ancient Yoga are passed down to you verbally as well as practically. Our yoga ethos encompasses and embraces the need of postures in association with emotional and psychological well-being as well as spiritual growth as essential aspects of yoga learning. Be confident of learning far more than you had imagined and thought of till now with our classroom training. Some of the highlights of our classroom training include:

  • Plan a dynamic class
  • Lead 60, 75 and 90-minute sessions
  • Be an able and motivating teacher
  • Rework postures for sprains, injuries or restrictions
  • Share authentic yoga tenets with students
  • Determine areas – physical, psychological or emotional – where students need personal guidance
  • Teach therapeutic yoga to relieve painful conditions
  • Yoga anatomy and physiology
  • Analytical trainings
  • Yoga Philosophy, Lifestyle and Ethics
  • Safe alignment and sequencing
  • Plan a dynamic class
  • Additional food, snacks, and beverages can be purchased at any time from The Hotel.

Your Tuitions includes:

  • Accomodation: Private AC Room with attached Bathroom and Hot Shower (Single Occupancy)
  • Note: If you would like to attend without accommodation, please take out INR10K from the price
  • Thrice daily nutritious yogic food (Monday-Friday) and Breakfast on Saturdays
  • Filtered RO drinking water (the same as bottled mineral water)
  • Yoga Instructions Manual
  • WiFi
  • Airport Pick up from Dehradun Airport or Haridwar Railway Station
  • Complete TTC Course
  • One time site Seeing during the course
  • Two Siddhi Yoga T-Shirts and One Siddhi Yoga Bag